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“Genesis Laboratories” LTD is a modern biotechnological company specialized in the development and production of concentrated freeze-dried starter cultures for the food industry. The company is founded in 1992 by lead scientists in the field. The main office, the R&D and the production facilities are located in Sofia, Bulgaria.
Our state of the art technical equipment and production cycle are the major guaranties for safety and quality. The “Genesis Laboratories” LTD is listed in the official Register of all Bulgarian companies, which are in compliance with the European standards for food quality and safety manufacturing.
Our team is consisted of highly qualified specialists and excellent laboratory trained personnel. Our main priority in our scientific research and development of starter cultures is not only the production quality, but also the positive health effect in the human body those cultures can have in their final stage, as ready food products.
The “Genesis Laboratories” LTD cultures are certified and preserved at the National Reserve for Industrial Microbiological and Cellular Cultures, Sofia, Bulgaria.

Our production list includes:

  • Starter Cultures for Fermented milk products
  • Starter Cultures for Probiotic dairy products
  • Starter Cultures for Cheeses
  • Starter Cultures for the Raw-dried meet production
  • Malolactic Starter Culture for the Wine production
  • Starter Cultures for home-made preparation of Fermented milk products
  • Probiotic Food supplements