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“GENESIS LABORATORIES” Ltd is a modern biotechnological company specializing in the production of probiotic supplements and starter cultures for the food industry.
The products of “GENESIS LABORATORIES” Ltd. include well researched strains isolated from natural sources in Bulgaria. The functional and health effect is scientifically supported by laboratory and clinical studies. The strains are under patent protection in the collection of the National Bank for Industrial Microorganisms and Cell Cultures, Sofia.

“GENESIS LABORATORIES” Ltd. is in the register of Bulgarian companies complying with the European standards for safety and quality of food. It is certified for export to the United States, Canada, Russia, Japan, EU, etc. It is approved as a producer of BIO (ORGANIC) PLANT PROBIOTICS that the company produces for the Bulgarian market and for export not only under its brand GENESISR. The Vegan Probiotic of the RadianceR Platinum series of CVS Pharmacy – US and the vegetable probiotic under the brand PROVIOTICR are developed and produced by “Genesis LABORATORIES” Ltd.