Fermented Milk Cultures

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  • The Starter Cultures GENESISTM for fermented milk products are optimized complex of selected strains of lactic acid microorganisms.
  • Sources for isolating strains included in the starter cultures are: raw milk produced from the High Mountain Eco-Clean regions in Bulgaria, organic plants and herbs, original homemade Bulgarian milk products, prepared by using traditional recipes with raw milk.
  • The strain composition are matched with the necessary qualities for the latest technological requirements of the product, for which they are designed.
  • GENESISTM strains are not genetically modified.
  • GENESISTM Starter Cultures for fermented milk products are freeze-dried bacterial concentrates with minimum 1 x 1010 CFU per gram.
  • They are applied as mother cultures or used directly as bulk starter culture. They have good solubility, high adaptation, a short cell reactivation period, a successful start of the fermentation process.
  • GENESISTM Starter Cultures for fermented milk products are packed in laminated, triple-layered pouches.
  • GENESISTM Starter Cultures an preserve their specification qualities for up to a year, if stored in temperatures between 0 and 10 °С.


Coliforms (ISO 4831,ISO 4832) CfU/g; MPN Absent
Salmonella species (ISO 6579) в 25,0 g Absent
Staphylococcus aureus (6888-1-3) CfU/g; MPN Absent
Listeria monocytogenes (ISO 11290-1) в 25,0 g Absent
Дрожди и плесени (ISO 7954) CfU/g < 5

Chemical standarts:

Pb < 1,0 mg/kg Cd <0,20 mg/kg
Hg < 0,03 mg/kg Cu < 1,00 mg/kg
As < 0,20 mg/kg Zn < 1,00 mg/kg