Yoghurt Starter cultures

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  • Thermophilic Starter Cultures
  • Symbiotic Multi-strain Starter Cultures of the following types:

    Lactobacillus delbrueckii sp. bulgaricus
    Streptococcus thermophilus

  • Concentrated Freeze-dried Cultures
  • The number of viable active cells is a minimum of 1 x 1010 CFU per gram.
  • The strains GENESISTM are isolated and selected from natural sources and they are not genetically modified.
  • Direct starter cultures for 500, 1000, 2000 L
  • Cultures for bulk starter preparation – 50, 100 L


  • GenesisTM Yoghurt Starter Cultures and products obtained with the help of their fermentative activity possess probiotic medicinal and dietetic qualities.
    Research in prestige medical institution has been carried out and as a result the following characteristics have been established – GenesisTM Yoghurt Starter Cultures can normalize the intestine microflora, lower the level of the serum cholesterol, release the toxins and activate the functioning of the immune system. The products with GENESIS TM Yoghurt Starter Cultures are foods of health and long life.
  • The industrial qualities of GenesisTM Yoghurt Starter Cultures make possible the preparation of milk products with a variety of taste, flavor and consistency.
Name Application Characteristics
TY2, TY3, TY5, TY9, TY11, TY13, TY14 Original Bulgarian Yoghurt
Feta and other brine-ripened cheeses
Yoghurt based assortments
The cultures represent the original Bulgarian yoghurt cultures. They form the traditional qualities of Bulgarian yoghurt – strong aroma complex, low viscosity and set structure.
These cultures can also be used for the production of hard cheeses of the Kashkaval and Kephalotiri type.
TY20, TY21, TY22, TY23, TY24, TY25, TY26, TY27, TY28, TY29 Original Bulgarian Yoghurt
Yoghurt based assortments
These cultures have mild taste and flavor, medium viscosity and creamy structure of the yoghurt.
They can be used for the production of set yoghurt and yoghurt based assortments.
TY30, TY31,, TY32, TY33, TY34, TY35, TY36, TY37, TY38, TY39, TY40, TY42 Yoghurt
Yoghurt based assortments
Low fat Yoghurt products
These cultures are designed to improve the quality of low fat products and fruit yoghurt.
The final product is characterized with mild acidity, high viscosity, mild taste and flavor, low post fermentation acid formation activity.