Starter culture for home-made preparation of Kefir

Starter culture for home-made preparation of Kefir 2018-05-25T12:01:58+00:00
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Kefir is a traditional Caucasian drink which has been known since ancient times for its healing properties. The secret of Kefir is its starter culture – kefir grains. It is a unique symbiotic association of lactic acid microorganisms and special kefir yeast. GENESISTM starter cultures for Kefir derived from kefir grains. The metabolic products of the joint fermentative activity underlie the probiotic properties of the drink. The microflora of kefir lives and multiplies in the gastrointestinal tract, improves its ecosystem, has antimicrobial activity against undesirable microbial species, maintains the digestive tract in excellent condition, removes toxins from the human body and activates the immune system.

Composition: No less than 1х109 living cells per gram: Lactococcus lactis sp. lactis, Lactococcus lactis sp. diacetylactis, Lactococcus lactis sp. cremoris, Leuconostoc mesenteroides sp. cremoris, Candida kefyr, Saccharomyces unisporus.
10 sachets, 1 gram each one, in one box
4 sachets, 1 gram each one, in one box
1 sachet of 1 gram
10 capsules, 240 mg each one, in one box
1 sachet for inoculation of 1÷5 L milk
1 capcule for inoculation of 1 L milk
Way of preparation:
Milk is boiled. It is left hot for 30 minutes. Then it is cooled down to 24 ÷ 29 °С. The starter culture of one sachet is added and stirred well until it dissolves. Inoculated milk is left to ferment at 24 ÷ 29 °С for 14 ÷ 16 hours without stirring. If inoculation is performed in the evening, in the morning milk will coagulate (the milk structure will be thicker). It is placed in a refrigerator without stirring. After cooling at 10 °С it will be ready for consumption.
The quality of the finished product depends on the quality of the milk which is used. If the result is not satisfactory, try another milk.
Storage: Keep it in temperatures between 0 and 10 °С.
Do not store in an open sachet.