Recommended steps for culture activation

Recommended steps for culture activation 2018-05-25T11:01:59+00:00

Nutrition Medium GENESISTM – M

  • The growth medium contains nutrients necessary for the activation of malolactic microorganisms of the species Oenococcus oeni. One pouch of growth medium contains a measured dosage, necessary for the activation of the culture, sufficient for the biological deacidification of 2500 litres of wine.

1. One pouch of Nutrition Medium GENESISTM – M is added into a sterilised container filled with 1(one) litre distilled, sterilized and cooled down to 25 ÷ 30 °С water.
2. Stir well, until good consistency is achieved.
3. Pour one pouch of freeze-dried culture into the liquid medium.
4. Keep the container for 12 hours in a 25 °С thermostatic environment, in order to activate the culture.
5. Add 1.5 liters of grape juice without SO2, and 3.5 liters distilled water to the activated culture.
6. Keep it in 22 ÷ 25 °С thermostatic environment and stir every half hour.
7. After the 6th hour mix the solution into wine.
8. It is recommended to pre-condition the wine by adding nutrients for the malolactic bacteria.

When used in wooden vats, the activated liquid culture must be distributed equally among the containers.


  • It’s important to keep in consideration, that the right choice of yeast strain for alcoholic fermentation is crucial for the flawless malolactic fermentation management in winemaking.