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  • Concentrated freeze-dried starter cultures of the species Oenococcus oeni.
  • The strains GENESISTM – EL is isolated and selected from spontaneous malolactic fermentation of wine and it is not genetically modified.


  • he number of viable cells is a minimum of 1 х 1010 CFU per gram.


  • The strains GENESISTM – EL is applicable in the process of malolactic fermentation of white and red wine production, where lower levels of рН and high alcohol contents are present. Direct inoculation is not recommended.
  • Co-inoculation by yeast and simultaneous fermentation are recommended when рН levels are below 3.0. In such case, the use of Saccharomyces bayanus is unnecessary. Successful inoculation is achieved when the number of viable cells is more than 1.5 х 106 per milliliter.

Recommended wine condition

  • Temperature – 15 °С
  • Total SO2 – max. 25 mg/l
  • pH – over 2,8


  • Small pouches made of triple layered folio.


  • For 2500 liters of wine.
  • Culture pre-activation in Nutrition Medium GENESISТМ – М is recommended.