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  • Concentrated freeze-dried starter cultures of the species Oenococcus oeni.
  • The strains GENESISTM – WS is isolated and selected from spontaneous malolactic fermentation of wine and it is not genetically modified.


  • he number of viable cells is a minimum of 1 х 1010 CFU per gram.


  • The strains GENESISTM – WS is designed primarily for the white and rose wines. Its application is targeting a balanced wine taste, while levels of diacetil are controlled.
  • The inoculation is performed after the alcoholic fermentation, while avoiding excessive oxygen enrichment. The container should be filled up to full capacity.

Recommended wine condition
Keep in mind that those factors are in interdependent.

  • Work temperature – 15 ÷ 20 °С
  • Total SO2 – max. 45 mg/l
  • Free SO2 – max. 15 mg/l
  • Alcohol – max. 14% vol
  • pH – no less than 3,0


  • Small pouches made of triple layered folio.


  • For 2500 liters of wine.
  • Culture pre-activation in Nutrition Medium GENESISТМ – М is recommended.